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0.01ct Rose Gold Heart Floating Diamond Necklace

With personalised gift box. An oh so cute 9ct rose gold heart necklace with a teeny tiny 0.01ct..


12 Stick Costume Props

Stick Costume Props. Try on a mustache, lips or glasses with these fun Stick Costume Props. Throw an..


12 X Lil Man Bow Tie Self Inflate Balloons

Use these Lil Man Bow Tie Self-Inflatables as fun photo props at your next event These stylish and s..


12 X Mug Shot Photo Props

You have the right to remain in the photo booth These photo props include fun accessories from fake ..


12 X Paris Photo Stick Props

Assorted. 3 inches - 8 1/2 inches x 1 1/2 inches - 7 inches paper props on a 12 inches wood stick...


12 X Plastic Mardi Gras Sequin And Feather Masks

Make your masquerade party sparkle These Sequin and Feather Mardi Gras Masks will make a big stateme..


12 X Tea Party Stick Props

Each paper prop comes on a 12 inches wooden stick. 3 inches - 14 inches x 1 3/4 inches - 7 1/2 inche..


Beautiful Friend Necklace

Our necklace makes a touching gift for a special friend. Made from sterling (925) silver the charm l..


Big Hair Stick Props

When you want big hair for your photo booth, don't break out the hairspray. Just hand out these Big ..


Bouquet Rose Gold Bracelet

Rose gold filled beaded bracelet with 4mm beads, a personalised circular rose gold pendant and a flo..


Bridal Party Pinhole Glasses

Bridal Party Pinhole Glasses. A fun wedding accessory for the bride and her bridesmaids, these novel..


Bride And Groom Stick Photo Props

ach prop comes on a 12 inches wooden stick. (6 pieces. per set)..


Diamond Butterfly Necklace

With personalised gift box this stunning 9ct white gold butterfly with 3 little diamonds on each win..


Double Heart Earrings

Double heart earrings featuring brushed sterling silver hearts with slightly smaller polished yellow..


Double Heart Necklace

With personalised gift box.Mixed metals are very on trend at the moment and this sterling silver and..